"Anybody could be good to you,
You need a bad girl to blow your mind."
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  • japan ≠ korea ≠ china
  • pakistan is not in the middle east
  • most muslims aren’t arabs
  • geishas are not prostitutes
  • mexico is a very small part of latin america
  • there are 54 countries in africa
  • china has 56 different ethnic groups and none of them eat chop suey
  • singapore is not part of china
  • most singaporeans speak english as their first language, please don’t ask, “why is your English so good”


feeling your computer getting slower though the years is one of the most heartbreaking things ever

"And I remember when I got screentested with this character they actually flew me to Los Angeles to meet with Travis - Travis got cast probably a week before me - and they wanted a chemistry read with me and him. And I called up my agent and I’m like ‘What does that mean?’ and they were like ‘They just want to see if you have chemistry’ and I’m like ‘Okay’. And so we had this scene where I’m lying in bed with him and I tell him that I want to ride him like a bull. And it’s written as that I want to ride him like a bull, like a wild bull - which are my lines, which are [laughs] so awkward to say. And I remember I was in the office and all the executives in suits were like, lined up and I’m like ‘Okay, they want chemistry. Screw it’. So I like, grabbed the back of his neck [acts out the movement] and I just laid one on him and totally, um, gave him a big, fat smooch. [Laughs.] And if they wanted chemistry, they probably got it."
- Katheryn Winnick on the chemistry between her and Travis Fimmel

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Billie Holiday I'm a Fool to Want You
Billie Holiday
I'm a Fool to Want You

Ingrid Bergman and Alfred Hitchcock in London in 1948.